PDX Workshops: Join us Wednesday Nights in April!

It’s been a little over a week since we wrapped up UX Night School’s Winter Workshops, which all happened over President’s Day Weekend. We took a chance and decided to offer the four core workshops in a weekend block, and added a happy hour on Friday and a project work day on Monday. 

The results? An awesome, diverse group of participants dove in headfirst and impressed the heck out of us all. We covered the origins and ontology of what we now call “User Experience”, we explored accessibility in the physical environment, we visited the Portland Mercado to conduct an ethnographic interview, we performed Usability and Accessibility Audits for nonprofit websites, we built paper prototypes, and we kickstarted portfolio projects with community organizations. I was so impressed not only by the efforts, but the energy and enthusiasm put forward. 

We’re back in April for Spring Quarter with our weekly nighttime workshop offerings, but this time we’ll be on a new night, Wednesdays. 

We’ll be taking a break for Portland Design Week - you can join me, my itinerary is live on the Design Week Portland site.