Individual or team consulting provides clarity, support, and guidance for leaders, entrepreneurs and executives who want to use human-centered design principles in building products, services, and teams themselves. We work with teams and organizations who are growing, transitioning, or seeking new solutions. Within teams, we provide mentoring and goal-setting for junior designers, and build capacity for compassion and new possibilities for senior leaders.

Our approach incorporates data-backed best practices and theory with our own experiential knowledge, observational insights, resource referrals, and collaborative thinking. 

We use design research and human-centered design practices—including blueprinting and journey mapping—to help you build resources within your organization and move through growth and transitions, so you can experience more clarity, ease and effectiveness in your work. 

Doing human-centered work isn’t easy, and our goals of putting people at the center of our work are often dismissed in the name of profitability, productivity, and “the way we’ve always done it”. This makes real leadership hard, and stifles career growth. When we compromise our values, we forget our relationships to our communities, our families, our teams, and the people who use our products. The result is often burnout, depression, overwork, isolation, lack of creativity, and joylessness.

It doesn't have to be this way.

By guiding you through transitions and other bumps in the road, in-conjunction with developing strategies to engage human-centered design principles in the long term, we help you connect to the spirit of service and resourcefulness. We help you develop the  structures and solutions that emerge from your team’s needs and the insights of your stakeholders. We’ll craft sustainable design principles in alignment with your values. Over the three months, you will feel more grounded, confident, supported, present and playful, enabling you to be more radical and visionary in your work.


We accept a very limited number of consulting clients on a quarterly basis. Consulting clients commit to 2 or 3 sessions per month, for three months. Priority is given to those who have completed a UX Night School course. 


We are currently accepting applications for Spring 2018.



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